In Peru, breaking a piñata is a tradition that is associated in almost all festive occasions. Already before arriving Finland we loved making piñatas and breaking them. Thus we decided to found Nickland here in order to offer Peruvian festive culture also for Finnish people.

The idea of this Latin-American tradition is to fill your party with uniqueness and joy. We want to bring part of Peruvian way of life, magic feeling and amusement for Finnish life.

The original shape of a piñata is a 6-pointed star but nowadays they can be made in countless types, for example as animals, plants, flowers or as little toys. There's no limit for Peruvian imagination and creativity! The shape is changed also according to usage of the piñata if it is used in party for children or adults, family happening or a party among friends. We handcraft piñatas also for your company festivities.

Nickland's piñatas are either painted or decorated with colorful crêpe paper ribbons. Additionally to a  traditional star shape we make also different animal figures and dolls but in principle our products can be in any shape. We handcraft our piñatas using strong cardboard and part of the material we acquire abroad.

The peak moment of every piñata is breaking them! Order your own piñatas from us, so you can be involved in the Peruvian way of life and make a fiesta out of your party!